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What do you guys think of the people who ask for shout outs at the panels/podcasts and such?

Do you like tea? Do you like Achievement Hunter? Then check this out!




Achievement Hunter tea blends from Adagio~!

Included: Caleb, Gavin, Geoff, JJ, Jack, Lindsay, Michael, Ray, Ryan. Art by the amazing naengdong!


Caleb’s Tea: Rooibos orange, white peony, wild strawberry, and orange peel accent.

The outreach boy, friendly and positive and welcoming all fans with easy enthusiasm. Caleb’s tea is bright and refreshing, fruity and floral.

(Blendmaker’s Advice: This is a white tea. Do NOT brew it too hot, it will come out bitter. Water that is hot but well under a boil is best.)


Gavin’s Tea: Earl grey moonlight, cocomint green, kukicha, and orange peel accent.

The calamity, a strange delight, fast and often incoherent. Gavin’s tea is a minty, chocolate green with just a bit English flair.

(Blendmaker’s advice: Temperature is important with the kukicha! Adagio says 190 degrees for two minutes; I would steep it longer, personally. Some sugar, no milk!)


Geoff’s Tea: Hojicha, rooibos almond, and currant. 

The president of Team Gents and bossman, strong, bold, and a bit wild. Geoff’s tea is a smooth dark tea, woody and nutty. 

(Blendmaker’s Advice: This is a good starter tea if you’ve only been using basic bagged black teas. Brew just under a boil for 3 to 5 minutes depending on how strong you want it.)


Jack’s Tea: Mambo, vanilla oolong, spiced green, and coconut accent.

The rock of the office who keeps things on course and keep things even and moving. Jack’s tea is a robust, earthy tea with a homey sweetness. 

(Blendmaker’s Advice: Smells amazing! Also a good starter tea, vanilla with a very slight spice kick. Same boil instructions as Geoff’s.)


JJ’s Tea: Yerba mate, white monkey, sour apple, and lemon balm accent.

The man behind the curtain who edits with flair. JJ’s tea is caffeinated, grassy, and mineral with a punch of sour apple.

(Blendmaker’s Advice: This tea is almost maroon! Make sure you brew at the proper temperature or the mate/green mix will be bitter and the apple will be too strong. 150 degrees for 5 minutes! A very good morning pick-me-up tea with its caffeine.)


Lindsay’s Tea: Chocolate chai, rooibos cinnamon apple, and apple pieces.

The huntress, brash and loud who doesn’t put up with anyone’s crap. Lindsay’s tea is cinnamon and chocolate and apples, bold and sweet.

(Blendmaker’s advice: Dessert tea with a bit of spice! This one will be a more forgiving brew. Boiling water should be fine, but if it comes out too bitter, try just-under boil.)


Michael’s Tea: Spiced apple chai, lapsang souchong, and raspberry pieces.

The leader of Team Lads, at turns boisterous and self-effacing and principled. Michael’s tea is a smoky, spicy blend with a kick of unexpected sweetness.

(Blendmaker’s advice: Same brew advice as Lindsay’s. Should be fairly forgiving! Note the tea itself smells VERY strong but the flavor will be fine. Tastes like an apple cooked over a fire without the burnt taste.)


Ray’s Tea: Summer rose, white cucumber, green rooibos, and rose petals.

The ace, both boastful and modest, working tirelessly to boost that gamerscore. Ray’s tea is roses, because he lives the meme.

(Blendmaker’s advice: Adagio says to brew this at 212 degrees. They are clearly not paying attention; that will make the white cucumber bitter. Like Caleb’s tea, do not brew this too hot.)


Ryan’s Tea: Irish breakfast, peach oolong, and marigold flowers accent.

The wild card, at any point either a dry-witted redstone technician or a terrifying schemer. Ryan’s tea is a strong wake-up call with a fruity twist.

(Blendmaker’s advice: Team Gents are all good teas to start with if you are new! Brew Ryan’s like Geoff’s— just under a boil.)

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Fuck it, I’m gonna reblog this for the first time in probably a year. Sorry if you’ve seen it already, it’s superdated (made back when JJ was editing for AH, whOOOA WEEEIRD) but hey look there’s a sampler now!)

  • Gavin: Knock, knock.
  • Ray: Who's there?
  • Gavin: Shut up.
  • Ray: Alright, shut up who?
  • Ray: Shut up wHO?
  • Ray: WHO'S AT THE DOOR??

totally joelay jojo poses

Haha omfg. If I had the talent, I might have actually done this as a fun quick sketch xP

asked by Anonymous
Suggestions huh? okie dokie may i suggest With joel wearing a wife beater or ray so they can show off their biceps? sankyu

Hell yeah! I was just actually starting to work on clothing today! I’ll have Joel probably wear the wife beater. 

Thanks for the suggestion <3

asked by xanzs


lets be real though

joel heyman is obsessed with gold and finances, and he never ages, and is ultrapossessive

he’s a dragon obvsly

  • Ryan in Minecraft: Ahh! Sorry! I didn't mean to hit you, I was trying to miss! Now I feel bad...
  • Ryan in GTAV: [Blows up half the city, murders the entire crew, punches people "on accident", hops in the car, gives everyone 3 stars immediately]


Happy face


Gavin Free