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conclusion: dan gruchy is a huge nerd who appears to balance precariously on knowing a fuck ton about computers and not knowing what a computer is and how it works 

there’s a severe lack of dick jiggle
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 Ryan no

Ryan yes.

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Big Mess of a List of things from RWBY Q&A Livestream


World / In Universe As is:

  • 4 Continents: Vale, Vacuo, Mantle, Mistral
  • 4 Schools: Beacon - Vale, Mantle - Atlas, Mistral - Haven, Vacuo — They didn’t say straight out. Oasis? Shade? The gist was something used to hide from the sun.
  • We will at the very least be seeing Vacuo later - possibly going there as part of the story
  • They again mentioned Menagerie, but didn’t specify quite what it was
  • Sun’s team is pronounced as “SUN” - assuming “SSSN” is correct order
  • Human / Faunus can breed together "Maybe we’ve already seen them" - Monty
  • Faunus are not limited to just mammalian kinds. "There’s definitely a rarity to things" - Kerry
  • "Sometimes faunus traits aren’t super apparent"
  • "Is dust a limited resource?" - Possibly to become a plot point. Possibly hinted at in RWBY History lesson. Dust is definitely mined.
  • How does Ruby’s weapon attach to her? - Magnets
  • The Old Dust Guy is always happy
  • Are semblances hereditary? “I think they can be similar” - Monty. Hinted at the representation of a semblance being influenced by your upbringing, perhaps
  • Moon will be important at some point
  • There are other types of schools besides those for hunters/huntresses. Hinting of them appearing at end of volume 2, possibly as police / military training, Hunter academies “cream of the crop”
  • hazleapricot's take on Blake: “Obsessed with getting done what she wants to get done.” 
  • "Cinder is older than most of the kids we see on Team RWBY and at Beacon" - Miles. Still likened her to being like a senior in age — probably early 20’s?
  • "Does religion exist in the world of RWBY?" — Yes, but it may or may not be discussed, may or may not be different from our world’s
  • "Do other animal species have an aura?" - Yes
  • Juane labeling his shoes is a totally canon thing

Notes about the Production

  • Neptune was originally slated to be on a different team. He was swapped out with a different “N” so that he could be used now.
  • Monty was inspired to come up with team combos from watching The Hobbit
  • Juane’s symbol appears to be deliberately hidden from showing what it really is. Or they were fucking with us - Gray at least said that at some point, he saw it unobstructed and was surprised.
  • Continent shapes — Monty squirted ketchup onto a napkin and bunched it up. Everything looking like dragons is a coincidence
  • There will be another history lesson (Possibly another Q&A?) after Chapters 7 and 10. Each of these will be a break after a particular arc or section.
  • They mentioned something about the “Inspiration for Weiss’ agility”, but then didn’t really continue the topic
  • Kerry recorded Neptune before he did any recording for Palomo in RvB12
  • Arryn guesses that Blake uses her cat ears for actual listening.
  • It seemed like they haven’t 100% finalized a name for Cinder’s group. “CREM” may still be the right ballpark
  • From what they said, there may be further Juane/Neptune interaction in the future. or maybe Kerry and Miles were just talking about trading spots in the booth.
  • Original plan was to have 2 Volumes to a season, with a shorter break between. At this point, for all intents and purposes a volume IS THE SAME as a season.
  • On Neo - “There came a need for Torchwick to have a right hand woman.” - Monty
  • Production for Volume 2 began December 5, 2013
  • Principal Animation for Volume 2 began in March (at the very least, that’s when the last of the animators came on board)
  • On easter eggs: Dude with glasses on White Fang mask (“Keep looking for that” — not sure of meaning), and a “Free bird” / “Freebirds” guy
  • From Dustin — There is added boob jiggle this season because they are now using an actual / new physics engine. from RAW, the results or ludicrous. They are working on toning it down.
  • Daniel — Loves working in the sound of bowling pins striking (Ch. 1)

DVDs / Merch / Misc.

  • Gray says that 1v1, Torchwick would beat Locus. He would not win against Locus and Felix working together.
  • RTX 2014 RWBY panel likely included on BluRay extra features. Possibly also 2013 one.
  • A lot of RT merchandise is currently on hold because of dock worker strikes on the west coast. This is why the Yang figurine came so late.
  • So far 4 planned DVD commentary tracks for volume 4 - Creative Team, Animation team, Technical team, Cast
  • Several Animators talked about wanting a Penny plush. Gray spoke several times about setting up a poll for desired Merch

Animation / Technical Team Brief intros and Stuff they’ve worked on

  • Austin Hardwick — Lot of Penny stuff, Ch. 3 chase scene
  • Dustin - Boardgame (Ch. 2), jiggle effects
  • Harly / Harley - Weiss in dorm room (Ch. 2), Ch. 3 Neptune on balcony, Club scene Ch. 4
  • Joel - Newest animator, worked Ch. 5 on so we haven’t seen his work yet
  • Bill - Ch 1,3,4, crowd scene (Ch. 1 establishing shots), an upcoming “Girly Weiss scene”
  • Joe - Cafeteria scene, possibly the White Fang rally?
  • Ian: Ch 3,7,9,11, sequence inside the Communication Tower
  • Jeff - Technical director, lighting with Gray
  • Paco - Missed his role, sorry. At the very least, works with Jeff
  • Cesar - kaisergeiser, 3d Modeler, Ozpin’s office, Tucson’s shop, works with Tim, Reed, Dennis
  • Daniel - Editor, Sound designer
  • Maggie - Production coordinator
  • Alex - Renderer, modeling, helps Paco. Made Blake’s ribbon in Vol. 1
  • Of course Patrick Rodriguez, but he wasn’t on the stream




I think this is my favorite piece of RWBY fanart I’ve seen thus far.

test of some some bodytypes and cute panties! (also don’t worry i am pfennings this is just a sideblog) :)


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